Effective Anti-aging Treatment is Available with a Prescription

Over-the-counter skin care products work well for many women. They keep the skin clean and moisturized and when they are used routinely, they may even help some women slow down the natural aging process for their skin. For those who abused and then neglected their skin for far too many years, there is still an option to regain some of the youthful glow they had before they allow the environment to damage their skin. For many of those women, the answer is retin A.

Benefits of Retin A

Tretinoin cream has been proven to provide anti-aging benefits. Although there are weak versions of this product available in stores, retin a in a concentrated form is only available by prescription. The benefits are unpresedented. Women who use it as directed are likely to see significant changes to their skin. Their skin could get firmer, plumper and less wrinkled with continued use. Because this is a prescription-grade product, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid causing damage to the skin. The irritation a woman experiences when beginning the treatment is normal and should subside if she continues to use the product nightly.


The first thing any woman who is considering using tretinoin cream should know is that it makes the skin more sensitive to light. That means it’s very important to use sunscreen every day. The product should be applied at night and washed off in the morning, prior to applying daytime moisturize with an SPF. It’s also important to apply retin a cream to completely dry skin. Many women keep the tube on their nightstand and put in on after they’re already in bed. It works best when it’s the last product applied at night.

Tretinoin cream is a harsh product and it often takes some time for the skin to adjust to it. Patients may be more comfortable if they start with a low dose and work their way up to the maximum. Once the skin adjust, the benefits will start to show right away. Instead of stopping the treatment due to the initial irritation, patients should ensure they are following the directions and applying a sufficient amount of sunscreen every time they go outside. Wearing a hat with a wide brim can also protect the skin on sunny days. Using this product as directed may make a woman look years younger as it reduces her wrinkles and brings a healthy glow to her skin.


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